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Kazakhstan is a resource-rich country, rich in oil and natural gas, copper, zinc, bauxites, gold, silver, chrome, uranium and other metals that comprise over 95 percent of periodic table.  It is a unique country, unique by its traditions, culture, folklore that intertwine together over 100 nationalities into the people of Kazakhstan.  It is also a vast country, stretching from Russia and the Caucasus in Europe to China and Mongolia in Asia.  And it is the country of the first sputnik and well-known Baikonur spaceport, and big oil of the 21st century located in the Atyrau and Caspian Sea region.

Unfortunately you will not find useful business and investment information on Kazakhstan searching Internet.  This is not the fault of the search engines.  Indeed, there is not much high quality, good content and fresh information about Kazakhstan available to the business people on the Internet.

And that’s amazing for the country that heavily relies on foreign direct investment to finance its economic development.  It is no less amazing that there is no good website in plain English with economic, business, and investment information about Kazakhstan.

This is not top quality business and investment reports on Kazakhstan you have to pay for.  Rather it is general economic and business information on Kazakhstan: economic, business and financial news, visa and consular support, travel and flight schedule, good hotels, decent restaurants, and the list goes on and on.  Unless you have lived here for a long time, researching these topics and collecting information for the business trip to Alma-Ata, Astana or Atyrau takes time out of your busy schedule.  And time is money, as we all know.

To save your time and efforts Kazkommerts Securities has launched this informational website.  The journey in a new country usually starts by finding an experienced and reliable local guide.  A Kazakh proverb says that with a good companion you can reach the aim of your journey.  This website is aimed to serve as your business and investment guide to Kazakhstan.

Kazkommerts Securities is the oldest and perhaps the most internationally recognized investment and brokerage house in Kazakhstan.  It conducts operations in many countries of the region.  Over the years the company has amassed a vast body of knowledge and information about the region it operates in.  Some of this knowledge is presented here.  Use it to empower your business in Kazakhstan.

Getting the right information is only the first step in getting your venture on the right track.  There are many additional steps you will have to take before your business in Kazakhstan becomes a success.  And an experienced and professional advisor will help you make the long way shorter.

Whether you are thinking of or already operate in Kazakhstan, you are welcome to contact us with your business proposals and ideas.  Call us if you’re around Almaty or send a fax if you’re far away.  Finally visit us in our beautiful office high in the mountains surrounding Alma-Ata.  Whatever way you prefer we’ll be happy to consider your proposal and get back to you shortly.

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This page is intended to be your business guide to Kazakhstan. You will find here the practical information that will help you start your business or travel to Kazakhstan. We provide it in good faith and we do not make commission on the references. As always we try to check and update the page regularly. We would be happy to receive your personal feedback and recommendations for the investor and business community in Kazakhstan. We may post your feedback here.